Adult Workshops

Adult workshops in all media are scheduled in the Spring and Fall. Most of the workshops feature local instructors in their preferred media. Recent workshops have included abstract collage and acrylic, oil painting, water color, drawing, photography and ceramics. The workshops are generally two to four days. Many are on weekdays, but some are evening and weekends. Two or three times a year, we invite nationally and regionally well known artists to conduct special workshops that broaden the range of instruction.

Upcoming Workshops

(2017 Workshops PDF)   description & registration information

Paint Along Pets

Instructor: Adele Castillo, April 29, 10am - 5pm
Using acrylics, students will paint their own pets while Adele takes them through her own process step by step. Her classes always include technical information, color theory guidance, and technique demonstrations. We will start with a drawing on canvas, then block in color, discuss color family options and explore paint application options. Many supplies, including canvas and handouts, are included. A supply list will be provided. Students will need to send Adele a copy of their photo reference. This fun class is suitable for all levels, from beginner to professional. 
$75 members/$95 non-members

6 inch Nantucket Basket

Instructor: Judy Penry, May 2 & 9, 10am - 3pm
The students will make a traditional Nantucket Basket from start to finish! A cherry base will be attached to a wooden 6” round mold. The staves will be tapered and inserted in the base. Weaving will begin in class and completed as homework. The basket will be completed the second week.
The rim will be attached and stained, and escutcheon pins inserted. The rim will be lashed and the handle will be applied. Everyone will go home the proud owner of their own Nantucket Basket!
 *Having taken the Vase Class or havingsome basket experience is helpful. Making the basket is not difficult but one needs to have patience and pay attention to details.
Class is limited to 6 students
Material fee: $44 payable to the instructor
$90 member/$100 non-member

Light Effects In Watercolor

Instructor: Catherine Hillis, May 15 and May 16, 9:30 am - 4 pm
Watercolor is the perfect medium for relaying light and its effect on the world around us.  Learn how to improve your watercolor painting and add drama to your work with light and atmosphere.  Students will be working indoors and outdoors, so be prepared.  Plan for plein air work on Monday at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club. 
Students bring their own supplies.  A supply list is at RAL.
$190 members/$210 non-members

Learning to Love Acrylic Painting 

Instructor:  Brenda M. Sylvia, June 5, 6 and 7, 10am - 3pm
This is an introduction to Acrylic Painting Workshop for beginners with some drawing experience. The class will focus on the fun and less intimidating aspects of working with Acrylics on canvas or board. It will include composition, color theory and mixing, values and creating volume, brushwork, and handling paints. Students will be encouraged to work from life rather than from photographs. Students will compose and create their own acrylic paintings while learning to love the both the expressive and forgiving qualities of Acrylic paints. 
$180 members/$200 non-members

Direct Acrylic Painting 

Instructor:  Brenda M. Sylvia, June 8 and 9, 10am - 4pm 
This is a workshop using alla prima type acrylic techniques on a toned canvas. We will focus on using expressive color, creative composition, and gestural brushwork to add energy to realistic paintings. This class is for students with some painting and drawing experience. Understanding of color mixing and the concept of using warm and cool colors is also helpful. We will be working from life and, weather and equipment permitting, may set up outside for a couple of hours. Acrylic paint’s rapid drying time can drive you crazy, but it also makes acrylic less intimidating because you can’t make a mistake you cannot fix. Our goal in this workshop is to have fun, loosen up, and learn some next ways to approach painting with Acrylics. 
$150 members/$170 non-members

Mosaic Yard Art!

Instructor: Sukey Starkey, June 13, 14 & 15, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Enter the wonderful world of mosaics! Create a glitzy gazing ball for your garden or wooded area. Participants will adhere their designs onto a 10-pin bowling ball, using bits and pieces of iridescent glass tiles, stained glass chips, baubles and mirrors. Balls will be grouted and directions will be supplied for next steps after grout is cured. Please bring an apron or old shirt and a pair of rubber gloves.
Materials: $20 payable to Instructor
$85 members/$95 non-members